Federal Attorney General George Brandis expressed his frustration yesterday with his inability to silence criticism of his government’s foreign and domestic policies.

Like many closet fascists before him, Brandis has openly expressed his desire to do away with what he regards as burdensome pretensions around justice and rule of law.

Frustrated by the Muslim community’s continued rejection of its war on terror narrative – one which excludes any analysis of state violence whilst demanding Muslims accept responsibility for the consequences of policies enacted by government – Brandis floated the idea of yet again creating a new category of crime to criminalise those who are committing no crime at all!

George Brandis and friends: Criminals in suits

With the strike of a pen, the Turnbull Government hopes to silence those who rightfully point the finger at government policy as not only the primary cause of “radicalisation” but the fundamental root problem proliferating violence and insecurity all over the world. Such consistent and principled accounting of government is beyond the pale for those who want to exploit and oppress with impunity.

In the ultimate act of irony, Brandis accuses the Muslim community of failing to accept any responsibility whilst all western governments have time and again flatly refused to even entertain the possibility of government policy playing any role in the proliferation of violence and insecurity around the world.

Brandis’ proposals are not new. Successive anti-terror legislation introduced in Australia and across the liberal West already make a mockery of rule of law. His specific proposal to criminalise Muslim political dissent has been floated countless times before by both sides of Australian politics. Perhaps, after years of war on terror rhetoric, Brandis is of the view the Australian public can finally be hoodwinked into hammering the final nail into the democratic coffin.

Draconian policy proposals such as these are quite representative of Australia’s engagement with the rest of the world, in particular the Muslim world. Australia has never had a problem with fostering, supporting and excusing despots of every stripe whenever expedient.

Australian governments continually preach “peace”, “democracy” and “tolerance”. Its policies abroad, and now increasingly at home, have always screamed violence and repression. Muslims, indeed all victims of the West’s brutal colonial legacy, know this very intimately.

It is the likes of Brandis – and fellow criminals in suits leading western states – who are the real “violent extremists”. It is their secular liberal terror that plagues the world causing widespread violence and misery. Brandis can take note: we are as committed to accounting oppression as he is to furthering it.

We invite Brandis to pursue his path to fascism. Muslims already understand the farce that is democracy. It’s about time the rest of Australia does too.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia