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Hadith Explanation: No Imaan until desires follow what Islam brought

Posted on Aug 19, 2016


Overcome by the realities of the society we live in today, it would be most naive to suggest that we are not prone to subconsciously accepting experiences that emanate from our surroundings as moral norms, whether they comply with Islam or not. In a world that hurls countless obstacles in the way of the remembrance of Allah (SWT) and His (SWT) deen, this saheeh hadith is an invaluable reminder to constantly question our intentions and inclinations upon every occasion.

What Islam’s “Brotherhood” practically entails – Hadith Explanation

Posted on Jun 12, 2016


We know that Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other, but may well be ignorant of the precise meaning and essence of this brotherhood (and sisterhood). It is a relationship that carries with it certain obligations and duties towards one another. What follows is a commentary and elaboration (sharh) of a relevant hadith in light of classical scholarship, in particular Imam Nawawi who includes this in his 40 Hadith.

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