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Statement From Muslimah Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia: Shariah-Khilafah Creates Protection and Prosperity for Children in Indonesia

Although every year we celebrate National Children Day (HAN), so many children's problems in this country happen at all times. Ironically, the numbers keep increased significantly and it is getting harder to be solved by the available system tool. Soon after the case of sexual abuse towards children declared as national disaster, Indonesian children face real threat of pedophilia in their neighborhood. This reality obviously makes the society where the children grow worse than before. The society has been ruined by the spread of alcohol drinks, drugs and harassment practice, the booming of pornography and spreading of adultery because the difficulty to close prostitution localisation.


Since the beginning of the brutal attack by the Jewish state on Gaza, the Palestinian issue has become the subject of discussion by many countries, organizations, and individuals. Everyone addresses it according to their specific viewpoint like Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, for example, has expressed his support to the so-called "Israel" in its war on Gaza, and that it has the right to defend itself and protect its citizens. While former Dutch Prime Minister Dries Van Agt has supported the Palestinian issue but from a humanitarian point of view, as for other politicians and public opinion makers, they have expressed their opinion regarding Palestine through various media outlets and statements. It was noticeable that some have supported "Israel" and others have supported the Palestinian issue.


Some of those drumming for the present Egyptian regime are boastful of the fact that Egypt has become a station to receive many international politicians, such as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who arrived in Egypt on Monday, 21/07, and before that the French Foreign Minister, who visited Egypt on Friday, 18/07, and today on Tuesday, 22/07, Secretary of State John Kerry, who extended his visit to the third day. The truth that must be realized by these simpletons is that, Egypt has become a hub of conspiracy against the people of Gaza. So, after the President Sisi has ignored the early days of aggression on Gaza, and came out to the people, in a speech marking the anniversary of the 10th of Ramadan, he did not speak a word of what is happening in Gaza, as if it was something happening in a faraway land. Then, after a week of bombing, destruction and killing of our brothers in Gaza, he launched his conspiratorial initiative on the people of Gaza that was accepted by the Jews and welcomed by the United States. And here is Kerry today, he comes to Cairo to find a way out for the Jews of the impasse in which they fell into after they decided a ground invasion of Gaza, but they ended up losing dozens of dead and one of its soldiers being captured, and their number is expected to increase.


Several newspaper reporters and local and international news agencies and the lawyer representing the detainees from Hizb ut Tahrir, Mr. Musa Al-Abdallat have accepted the invitation of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah of Jordan to attend an Iftar which was followed by a discussion meeting; in which the Head of the Media office and the Head of the Political Office have answered the questions of the reporters regarding the aggression of the Jewish entity on the Muslims in Gaza and on the position of the Hizb regarding it; and on the position of the Hizb regarding the announcement of the Khilafah by ISIS, and on the ability of Hizb ut Tahrir to request a license from the Jordanian government and on the reasons for arrests among the ranks of the Hizb recently.


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