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Thursday, 24 April 2014 02:39
Published in eBooks

Nurturing a strong and meaningful relationship between parent and child holds great importance in Islam. How do we ensure that this relationship remains strongly attached to the values embodied in the Quran and Sunnah? How can we safeguard it from the influences of the society around us, whose values and system so often erode this relationship? Join as as we discuss more about this topic.

Saturday, 12th April | 6pm-8pm
KCA Function Centre
Level 1, 925 Canterbury Rd, Lakemba


On Saturday 15th of March, the Sisters Monthly Circle held a discussion titled ‘Liberating Feminism’. The topic aimed to look at the root idea of feminism itself, its conception and history and the ways in which it attempted to attach the feminist label to Islam.
This topic was discussed in light of the fact that the Muslim woman’s identity is always put on trial; where she too must navigate herself through this ideological map to identify where her social, spiritual and political experience lies and whether she needs feminism to liberate her from the so-called ‘patriarchy’ of Islam.
We looked at some key figures in history who worked together with the colonialists (who had imperial designs to divide and conquer the Muslim lands) – such as Huda Sha’rawi & Qasim Amin, just to name a few. These figures, who were European educated, had close ties with those who had political interests in the Muslim lands. It is clear that the call to liberate the Muslim woman via feminism was less to do with women’s rights and more to do with securing the interests of the colonial powers (namely Britain).
In summary, no matter who is in power, whether a woman or a man, the root of the problem is that if the idea is incorrect from its basis then its viewpoint and system which stems from it will also be flawed, and this will not just harm women but the whole of humanity. It is all too evident that feminism has not yet solved or saved the women of the world, let alone Muslim women!
Fruitful discussion took place during question and answer time, where sisters from the community voiced their ideas. Video will be uploaded shortly inshaAllah.

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