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What Islam’s “Brotherhood” practically entails – Hadith Explanation

Posted on Jun 12, 2016


We know that Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other, but may well be ignorant of the precise meaning and essence of this brotherhood (and sisterhood). It is a relationship that carries with it certain obligations and duties towards one another. What follows is a commentary and elaboration (sharh) of a relevant hadith in light of classical scholarship, in particular Imam Nawawi who includes this in his 40 Hadith.

A brief portrait of Salahuddeen and the liberation of Jerusalem

Posted on Jun 2, 2016


Browsing through the pages of Islamic history, we come across many personalities who inspire us. There are few more loved, renowned and revered than Salahuddeen, and for good reason. His incredible attributes and feats, motivated solely by devotion to Allah, are matched only by his unique imprint upon the fabric of time.

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