Ustadh Ismail Alwahwah (Abu Anas) is a respected community member in Sydney, Australia and globally. He is well known for his integrity, honesty and sincerity. He is known for having the interests of Muslims at heart and is loved by all those who know him.

We ask everyone to please click on this link sign it and pass it on Insha’Allah so we can demand the Jordanian government to release Ustadh Abu Anas so he could return to his family in Australia immediately.

Ustadh Abu Anas has been detained without charge in Jordan since 25 July 2018. He was arrested upon his arrival and has been placed in solitary confinement since then. His health continues to deteriorate given he suffers from multiple health conditions.

His arrest and detainment was from day one – and continues to be – a manifest injustice. He has not been charged and afforded his rights. He does not even know what “crime” he has committed, unless being a Muslim of principle is a crime!

We ask Allah (SWT) to keep Ustadh Abu Anas safe and steadfast and return him to his loved ones as soon as possible. Ameen!

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