On 13 August 2016 Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia held a public protest under the title: For Syria: The Resilient Heart of the Ummah.

The key messages from the two speeches that were delivered and the placards that were carried on the day were –

– Supporting the people of Syria
– Encouraging them to stand firm in the face of their suppression
– Praising their rejection of all US/Russian led “political solutions”
– Calling on the Ummah to stand behind Syria
– Calling on the neighbouring Muslim armies to fulfil their obligation of coming to the aid of the oppressed
– Condemning Bashar and all those aiding him
– Condemning the US and Russia on their instrumentalising Syrian lives for their iniquitious political agendas

Protest Videos:

[Introduction: by br. Soadad Doureihi] [03:50 mins]

[Speech 1: by br. Uthman Badar – English] [20 mins]


[Speech 2: by Dr. Hussam Othman – Arabic] [10:18 mins]