Body cam footage showed two officers racially abusing and mistreating two Muslim women of Afghan background. Any mistreatment of this nature is confronting and upsetting, as it represents the abuse of power against the vulnerable, and abuse by those who are entrusted with upholding the safety and security of citizens. Though the like of these incidents, and worse, have been meted out to other marginalised sections of the community, this time it was visibly Muslim women in hijab that were the target. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia makes the following comments in this regard:

– Abuse of power is a hallmark of the western political order. Increasing discontent is giving rise to protests, demonstrations and clashes against the establishments the world over, whether the source of discontent emanates from the faltering capitalist economic policies, ideological shifts or from the pure marginalisation and mistreatment by those in authority against groupings. Australia is no exception, with decades of abuse and propaganda against minority groups, increasing surveillance upon the population, exclusive and unchecked power being concentrated to a particular office, prosecution laws against whistle-blowers and the like, all contributing to localised discontent.

– In the last two decades specifically, Muslims have been the subject of a vicious, deliberate and dangerous propaganda campaign, resulting at worst, in events such as the Christchurch massacre. Questioning our allegiances, introduction of anti-terror laws known to target the Muslim community, widely publicised raids, media demonisation of Islam and Muslims, disproportionate and exaggerated negative coverage of Muslims with emphasis on their religion, CVE funded programs, attacks on Islamic injunctions, state bullying and singling out of Muslim children and their beliefs, terror related press conferences by Prime ministers flanked by law enforcement officials, the list is as long as it is ugly.

– It is only expected that what we witnessed of abuse and bullying by law enforcement officers trickled down from the political and ideological mainstream. Many more such incidents have reportedly occurred, though not reported upon. This is the underbelly of mainstream politics, largely unchecked and enjoying the silent blessings of the political class.

– Muslims not only have to endure wholesale oppression and abuse by invading Western security forces dressed in fatigues abroad, but also endure abusive discrimination by authorities in suits and uniform locally.

– Western secular liberalism is faltering spectacularly. Humanity is suffering under the current political world order. Islam stands as the shining example to lift humanity out of its current oppressed state. Muslims understand that there are exploitative forces unwilling to change the status quo. Although no one wishes injustice upon themselves, Muslims will patiently face it for a better world for all.


Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir

in Australia