Announcing an important community conference coming up: Hatred Rising: Living in a Hostile West to be held on Sunday the 21st of May.


Flier Conf 2017

In today’s climate of rapidly rising anti-Islamic sentiment, this important community campaign, culminating in a conference, aims to raise and explore some key questions:

How are we to live as Muslims in this hostile environment?
What has caused the intensification and why now?
What should we do about it?
Do Muslims even have a future in the West?

Muslims face an increasingly tough time in the West. The social and political environment is perceptively more hostile than ever before. Our beliefs, our practices, our very presence has been made cause for concern. The rise of the far right signifies the normalisation of an explicitly anti-Islam climate that we can all feel and that seems only to be getting worse. This conference will explore this reality from the following aspects:

What has transpired and why
Historical lessons and future concerns
Uncomfortable truths Muslims must embrace
Spiritual provision in dark times
Muslim activism: how to navigate the challenges we face.


Date: Sunday, May 21

Time: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Location: Orion Center, Campsie

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Inquiries via or mobile 0438 000 465

Facebook event page: Click here