While global media attention has been on the London incident, civilians in both Syria and Iraq have been experiencing the worst recorded airstrikes by the United States and its allies since the Iraqi invasion.

Almost 1,000 civilian deaths have already been recorded from coalition actions across Iraq and Syria in March alone — a new record for post-Iraq war deaths as a result of US-led strikes. These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria according to NGO groups that monitor such activity.

Local volunteers carry the bodies of civilians found in the rubble of a building in the Jidideh neighborhood of Mosul after an airstrike by US Military.

Rubble from the US-Led Airstrike on the mosque in the village of Al-Jineh, South west of Aleppo, Syria.

In the last two weeks alone the following mass-casualty incidents have taken place:

  • The Friday before last, U.S. drones targeted a mosque in Aleppo province. U.S. officials said “dozens of terrorists” were killed, but those on the ground said at least 47 civilians also died in the strikes. The Pentagon denied that there were any civilian casualties but has launched a “formal investigation” into the incident.
  • Last Monday a strike near Raqqa targeted a school that was serving as a home for multiple families displaced by fighting in the area killing at least 33.
  • Last Thursday, Iraqi media reported that an airstrike in Mosul killed more than 200 people. The Pentagon is “investigating the claims”.

America, and the west at large, feigns ignorance of the underlying causes of terrorism, wondering why people would be against its (supposed) “freedoms”. Yet in these incidents we see clearly the causes of the grievances of so many people against the would-be leaders of the free world. One needs look no further for why the seeds of anger, hatred, and backlash are sowed, and it doesn’t need a “de-radicalisation” expert to tell us so.

May Allah (swt) give istiqamah to the oppressed of Iraq and Syria, and give the oppressors in the West and their surrogates in our lands their due.

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