This is a compilation of comments by classical scholars on the issue of Khilafah. By no means an exhaustive list, it is a selection of scholarly commentary which highlights the obligation and importance of the Khilafah. All quotes are fully referenced and the original Arabic text, along with a translation, is provided.

This compilation shows how the greatest minds of this ummah, the best of its scholars, saw the issue of Khilafah as absolutely critical, referring to it as being, “from the necessities of the shari’a that simply cannot be left” (al-Ghazali), “from the greatest interests of the Muslims and greatest pillars of the deen” (al-Amidi), “a pillar from the pillars of the deen” (al-Qurtubi), “one of the greatest obligations of the deen” (Ibn Taymiyya), “the most important of obligations” (al-Haskafi), among other like statements.

Our scholars remind us in these quotes about how the sahaba gave this issue of Khilafah such an importance that they delayed the burial of the best of creation, the Prophet (saw), due to being engaged with it. They also emphasise the great dangers of not having the Khilafah, something we have seen, and continue to see, first-hand since its destruction in the early 20th century, since when the ummah has witnessed its darkest days.

We hope this compilation serves as a reminder to all Muslims about the most important nature of the obligation of Khilafah and the need, in turn, to exert utmost effort and work for its re-establishment as a means to fulfill our due to Allah, the exalted, as shown to us by His Messenger (saw).

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Classical scholars on Khilafah