Question: We often speak about the centres of “Power and Authority” as being represented by the Nation State, citing the example of the American interest in its capacity today as the leading Nation and the most influential in the global politics. But some believe that the real base of “Power and Authority” transcends the borders of the Nation State.This is headlined by secret global organizations from a united force with “Power and Authority”, we mention from them for example: the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and the Council ofForeign Relations, all of these powers may unite sometimes under a general name like Illuminate, the global bankers, and the giant financial and trading institutions.

Some say that these centres of powers do not hold any loyalties to any Nation State, not even to the UnitedStates of America, but contrary to that, they are ready to move outside the United States of America into new structures of power following “The New World Order Theory”. As a result, there could be astonishing changes including abandoning the dollar and to stop trading in oil by the dollar for the benefit of a new currency that relies on a basket of goods or a unification of currencies.

The question is: How accurate is this? If it is true, what is the view of the Hizb regarding the Centres of “Power and Authority” that transcends borders of Nation States to a global authority?


1. The Capitalist Ideology does not work to abolish the idea of Nationalism, instead, it has recognised it and recognised the borders established between the states. This is the reason why the Capitalist nations consented to people’s independence in separate states within borders drawn during international agreements including the Treaty of Vienna in 1815; war broke out between these nations due to the nationalistic drive. The Capitalist nations undertook the Nationalistic and Patriotic identity and preserved them based on the Capitalistic ideology and fought each other for the Nationalistic and Patriotic sovereignty and colonial interests, even though they are all built on the Capitalist thought and they propagate it to others. They even defined the state with an incorrect definition which says that it constitutes the Authority, the people and the regional borders. Since the inception of this Ideology, the bloody wars continued between these states. As for the European Union, it passes through periods of adverse crisis that almost brings it to its demise. Many of its states are at risk of breaking up; there are calls for separation in many of them like in Belgium, Spain, Britain, and Italy. The Capitalists States has adopted a Federal ruling system, which is a helping factor that aids separation to occur especially in the state that is made up of multiple nationalities. Also Federal America carries the same factors that aid separation, this scenario occurred in America in 1860 in the war between the Northern States and the Southern States that lasted for 5 years. From all this, it is not possible for the Capitalist Ideology holders to abolish the Nation State. The Capitalistic Ideology fails to smelt people and nations into one pot. It fails to smelt different nationalities that live in one state. From this, the talk of abolishing the Nation State by the Champions of Capitalism thought is far away from reality.

The owners of big capital in every state who are part of its people work to support the Nation State and strengthen it and they lead it directly or indirectly. This is why we observe that many of those who take higher positions in the state are either the owners of capital or those who have ties with them, or have worked in the administrations of big corporations.

2. As for what came in the question regarding the power and the idea that it transcends the Nation State to a global authority, the issue is not so, instead they are institutions that work to serve the Nation States especially America. The issue is as follows:

a. As for the Bilderberg Group, it was founded on 29/5/1954 in the Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands taking its name from this place. It was established by a few American owners of capital like David Rockefeller and some Europeans in support of the American policy to aid Western Europe. Amongst them was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was appointed as the first president of the Group; with him in the administration of the Group was John Coleman who was the president of the Chamber of US Commerce. He mentioned that the reason for its establishment is to address the rising trend of detestation towards the United States in Europe due to its Martial plan which imposes Washington’s hegemony and superiority over Europe after the Second World War by exploiting its aid to Europe policy; the Communist and the followers of De Gaulle played an important role in the incitement of these feelings. He also mentioned that the goal behind establishing the group is: “to adopt a plan to decrease the hostile trend towards the United States in order to strengthen the ties between it and Europe and to strengthen the Western block in the face of the Eastern Communist block and to preserve the Western Civilization upon the free Capitalist Economy Model”.

Many of the Western leaders used to attend the meetings of the group, including kings, media personnel, policy makers, politicians from the Conservative Right and the Democratic Left. This group held its meeting once a year; it was founded by Americans, with American goals, direction and instruction. But there are those who stretched their imagination in a cinematic fashion and presented the group as a global secret government that controls the world as one Russian author did, his book sold millions of copies! But the political thinker who is politically aware will understand the nature of the group, like what this French thinker who wrote: “This Bilderberg Group which is comprised of many influential personalities is nothing but an effective pressure tool used by NATO to propagate its interests and to extend the interests of the United States of America”. The power of America became apparent in the group during its meeting that was held in the Palace of Versailles in France between the 15th and 18th of May 2003, through the dispute between America and France, when it was attended by the French President Jacques Chirac. The Americans disagreed with him because he objected the invasion of Iraq; they planned to humiliate him during the conference which had many important personalities attending from the American Administration during Bush’s Era, that included the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld and his vice, Paul Wolfowitz; and the member of the American Defence Policy Committee, Richard Perle. Also the former American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, while the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell was in a European tour to gather support for his country’s policy. A heated debate took place regarding the major deals that were conducted by American companies in Iraq, like Bechtel and Halliburton; a European Member of Parliament questioned cynically, “Which European companies will be able to strike precious deals like these?”

The subject of establishing the European Army and its importance was raised in the debate to which the Americans objected to and dropped the idea. From this it is clear that Bilderberg Group is one of the tools that America uses to defend its policies in order to dominate Europe and to propagate the American projects; through convincing Europe that its policies do not conflict with theirs, but they are for their interest and that of the West at large; while it has its interest only as the priority which is the benefit of America and its project in the highest order.”

b. As for the Trilateral Commission, it was founded in1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Berzezinski and a group of American thinkers, politicians, and academics. When the Commission was established, the heads of the three regions: America, Western Europe, and Japan were members, and its goal: “To strengthen the cooperation between these states to that which benefits their economics, political, and sovereignty interests in the rest of the regions of the world. And to put down solutions to unsolved and growing problems between these states; to exchange expertise and view points; to monitor the development of relationships between the East and the West.” It is observed that America has established this club to guarantee the American domination over Europe and Japan too.

c. As for the giant private Western financial and trade institutions including those owned by families like Rockefeller family or Rothschild or Bloomberg, they work to realise their interests through the policies of these states by coordination with the state in every detail as we have seen from the activity by Rockefeller in establishing the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission for the service of the domination of the United States of America over Europe and Japan and the other countries of the world. These organisations realised fully that the State gives them protection and stands behind them and guarantees that they achieve their interests and profits. The Capitalist states view companies as the providers of money from outside and employs people internally and carry out projects, it is considered as a government institution that can carry out an important service for its citizens and works for the interest of the country and is a tool that achieves it colonial goals externally.

In the past Britain entered India via Eastern India Company, then it started it direct occupation. The giant private American financial institutions and companies have played a special part against the European Union for the Interest of America. It has falsified the reality of the economic situation in Greece in 2001 in order to enter the Euro Zone, to start a financial and economic problem in the region with the aim of weakening Europe and to bring it to its downfall.

The New York Times reported: “That one deal that was concluded by Goldman Sachs Bank in 2001, worth 15 billion dollars has aided the cover up of billions of dollars of the debt of Greece from the Budget Monitor in the European Union Headquarters.” [Aljazeera Documentary: “Wall Street is involved in the European Financial Crisis”, 14/2/2010]

Considering that the money was part of a trade transaction and not a loan showed that the debt level does not exceed the National income and the GDP and that the inflation does not exceed the accepted European level. The American plan is to weaken the European Union and hasten its disintegration and to hit the Euro to stop it competing against the dollar. This is to guarantee the domination of America over the economy of Europe and the world over. The giant private American companies and financial institutions in their part carried out a specific role for the interest of their country and in coordination with the American nation. Germany showed its malaise from this, and accused Greece of lying and fraud when the financial crisis erupted in Greece in 2010. This affected the cohesion of the Euro Zone region and Germany; and the effects of the crisis are still ongoing.

d. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation were established international institutions, but they never became independent institutions that impose their will upon states as a global government, instead, America became more influential and it is the decision maker; it uses these institutions to dictate its policies to other states. These institutions have imposed American privatization and globalisation laws and also market economic policy upon other states. Through these institutions America imposed its currency the dollar upon the world and made it the measure for the price f oil, gas, and gold and other metals and goods; the dollar currency became the global price for currency exchange to dominate the world. The dollar became the main currency of the world to which many currencies are linked; the dollar became the financial reserve for so many countries, it is one of the styles of dominations of the world by the United State of America. Therefore the idea of a global government that dominates the world and will abolish Nation States is a pure fantasy; who controls the world are the major countries especially the leading Nations.

3. The Capitalist States are dominated by the owners of capital. In every Capitalist state they elect rulers that serve their interest without abolishing the state; they preserve their state so that in turn the state preserves their interests. By dominating other countries the State will insure profits for the companies; this broadens the trade and increase profits. However it is not possible for the company and financial institutions to become a state because it goal is to make profits. People will not accept this. Companies cannot form state institutions and run them neither can they look after the affairs of the people. At the start of the Capitalist state, it sold through privatisation policy government institutions that carried out services for the benefit of the people to private companies; services like electricity, telephone, part of the railway tracks, highway roads between cities and countries and others. These private companies that bought the services need to have executive institutions, i.e. a state, because when the people fail to pay their due money or refuse to, the company will need to resort to the security institutions and the judiciary of the State. If people decide to attack the property of the company or protest against it, similar to what took place in the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign; the companies resorted to the state for protection. The companies also need legislation to be able to carry out and run projects. When the economic crisis erupted in America followed by Europe, the companies and financial institutes resorted to the state to save them by buying their struggling or perishable shares under the pretext of pumping money that it has collected from the general public through taxes. This is why companies and financial institutions do not have the executive, judicial or the legislative authority in the Capitalist state due to the fact that these authorities are separated from each other in theory. The companies and institutions work to influence these authorities for their own safeguarding and in order to realise their projects internally and externally and achieves their rights and make profits and to be saved by them when crisis strikes.

4. All the activities by the institutions do not deviate from serving the Nation state that they belong to. They do not have any qualms in undertaking any activity even if it was morally or humanly demeaning; what was discovered regarding the US spying scandal proves this. America spied on other countries including its allies from the European countries

Which topped its list and on their rulers, embassies, companies and citizens; using its private electronic devices, its companies that dominate the electronic web: Google and Yahoo who were also involved. This scandal has exposed the struggle between capitalist states for national sovereignty. Through its Secretary of State, John Kerry, there was admittance in the London based press conference when he said:” The spying by the FBI has transgressed the accepted limits in some cases.” [BBC, 1/11/2013] As he also claimed that: “The spying operations have foiled terrorist attacks.” Knowing that they were spying on European leaders like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom they have spied on her mobile phone for 10 years. America carries all of these actions to preserve its National sovereignty and its interests in the world and to monitor all activities of the European countries which in their part are pursing to get rid of the American hegemony; it also follow suit to stop the rise of any power that could have a global status that can compete with it and put its domination at risk. All of the American companies work to serve the Nation state, its culture, and its values. This became apparent when the dispute between China and the American company Google erupted 3 years ago. When the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on 23/3/2010: “Unfortunately Google does not want to expand its trading activities only in China but also they want to propagate the American values, thoughts, and culture.” America also propagates its values, thoughts, and culture in Europe which shares its Capitalist thoughts with the objective of delivering respect and appreciation to the American citizen and state to dominate Europe.

5. From this it becomes clear that the idea of secret organizations that have a global authority that abolishes the Nation state that is established on the Capitalist thought does not exist.

The Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission are nothing but tools established by the Americans to guarantee its domination over the world. The major American companies: financial, trading, electronics, property, companies based on military manufacturing and other major manufacturing, the giant businessmen, and those in the exchange, and speculators in the stock exchange are all working for the interest of their country. They work to influence the authorities in their country to preserve their gained financial profits and to increase it and broadens it, internally and externally and to play a major role externally to serve the policy of their state against the other states and to secure the domination over theses states. Besides this America works to continue its military domination by establishing military basis in every country and to conduct strategic deals and treaties with every state and they use NATO to implement their policies and work to strengthen it under its leadership and obstruct the establishment of a European Army so that Europe cannot exist from under its leadership, it carries out spying operations on others even if they are allies and it monitors their movements. It works to continue its domination of the economy and finance by preserving the dollar as a global currency and to continue its domination over the global financial and trade institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and WTO and it works to dominate the policies by controlling the United Nations especially the International Security Council. It dominates other State through agents and linking the ruling system with its system. All of this results in preserving the US and its National identity and its global status as the leading nation. This is why it undertook this struggle with its “sisters” the other colonial Capitalist countries like Britain, France, and others, so that it takes over from them the states that they occupied and region of influence. It has succeeded to some extent and worked to bring the downfall of these states in the global arena. This is so that it remains alone the leader that is the decision maker and have the final say in the world and the leader of the Western world and the Champion of Capitalist thoughts, the bearer of the Banner of war against all who carry an opposing thought to theirs, who want to replace their thoughts or wants to establish over it a state, any form of state, big or small. This is why it cannot bear the call for the re-establishing of the Khilafah state. Research centres and strategic institution are preparing studies and plans from this day and before the establishment of the Khilafah to halt any attempt to establish it even holding of the idea in this context… But they will realise sooner or later that the Khilafah is not like any of the current Capitalist states that enabled America to dominate over them with a few losses. When facing the Khilafah, America will lose its existence, not so little loss, by the permission of Allah the Almighty the powerful,

وَاللَّهُ غَالِبٌ عَلَى أَمْرِهِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ

“Allah is in control of His affair. However, most of mankind do not know.”

(Yusuf, 12:21)

12 Muharram 1435 AH

15/11/2013 CE