Over a thousand people convened in Western Sydney on Sunday 3rd July for a conference organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, to discuss the uprisings that have taken place, and continue till present, in the Middle East and North Africa. International and local speakers assessed these uprisings from various angles with an eye to understanding them in their broader historical, political and ideological context. Below are the videos of each talk and mini documentaries shown at during the conference.

Invitation to Uprisings Conference in Sydney – Uthman Badar

Uprisings 2011: On the road to Khilafah | Trailer: Khilafah/Caliphate Conference Australia

 Introduction and Qur’an recitation

Talk 1 – Muslim world in 20th Century: Totalitarian Western Oppression

Talk 2 – The Muslim World: A People/Ummah of Resistance and Revival

Talk 3 – The Uprisings in 2011: Hope or Mirage?

Talk 4 – Western Efforts to Frustrate the Islamic Revival

Talk 5 – All Roads Lead to the Caliphate

Muslim Scholars’ statements about the Caliphate during the uprisings in 2011

Press Statement at Uprisings Conference, Sydney – Uthman Badar