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Punchbowl Boys: Children Now Target of “Derad” Witch-hunt

Posted on Mar 21, 2017


Fuelled mostly by the gutter “journalism” of rags like the Daily Telegraph and talk back radio shock jocks, the furore surrounding Punchbowl Boys High School shows no signs of abating. An impression of the school has been crafted – a hotbed of potential terrorism waiting to boil over into society, a harsh “Sharia” imposing institution and a modern ground zero in the heart of Sydney’s west for everything that is wrong with Islam and Muslims. This image has been manufactured with a narrative in which contradictions abound.

Should there be “balance” in criticising Muslim rulers?

Posted on Mar 21, 2017


The devastation we witnessed in Aleppo in the last few months once again made it clear that the Muslim rulers willfully keep their distance from the Ummah and the responsibility of its protection. Yet we also saw those who would find no end of excuses to absolve these rulers of the inexcusable. It would seem arguments and proofs of any sort would not suffice, and therefore, there seems little hope in addressing them. After all, if the bloodshed in Aleppo can’t make someone at least question their misplaced loyalties, truly, what can?

Saudi Crown Prince affirms Kingdom’s subservience to Trump’s America

Posted on Mar 16, 2017


Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman affirmed Saudi Arabia’s subservience to America as he met with US president Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday, in a meeting aimed at “strengthening mutual ties”. The two held talks in the Oval Office, along with Vice President Mike Pence, senior adviser Jared Kushner, chief of staff Reince Priebus and strategist Steve Bannon.

17 more members of HT arrested in Bangladesh; scores now in jail

Posted on Mar 16, 2017


The persecution of Hizb ut-Tahrir and other Islamic groups continues unabated in Bangladesh as more members are arrested. Arrests in Bangladesh are frequent with the government fabricating information as it cracks down on Islamic groups. 17 members of Hizb ut-Tahrir were recently arrested in Bangladesh following night raids.

International Women’s Conference in Indonesia concludes campaign on Islam and Education

Posted on Mar 15, 2017


The Women’s section of Hizb ut-Tahrir held a conference in Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday 11th March 2017 on the theme of education in Islam, concluding a month-long international campaign on the same issue. The aim of the -campaign and conference was to raise awareness globally about the degradation of education in the Muslim world under the century-old influence of foreign powers, and the potential Islam has to unlock the power of education under the Khilafah.

6 Million at risk as disastrous famine looms in Somalia

Posted on Mar 12, 2017


An alarming famine is gripping Somalia as the result of a drought experienced over the last few months. With the people receiving little international aid coupled with the country’s lack of infrastructure (decimated by foreign intervention and long civil wars), the situation is critical with a huge number of lives at risk.

Muslims in the Media: Knowing when to speak

Posted on Mar 7, 2017


What is Islam’s position on apostates? What does sharia law say about gays? Does Islam allow men to beat their wives? Does the “Koran” tell you to kill non-Muslims “wherever you find them”? 

These are the kind of questions that many Muslims who appear in the media are often confronted with. Essentially, the questions revolve around aspects of Islamic law and Muslims are put on the spot to either deny or confirm them.

Turkish authorities cancel major Khilafah Conference, detain HT spokesmen

Posted on Mar 5, 2017

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Turkey was to hold a major conference in Istanbul on Sunday the 5th of March to mark the anniversary of the Khilafah’s destruction. The theme of the conference was “Why the World is in Need of the Khilafah”. Yesterday, Turkish authorities announced that they would not allow the conference to go ahead and arrested the Media Spokesman, brother Mahmut Kar as well as brother Osman Yildiz also a member of the Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Turkey.

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