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Question: For months now there has been continuous violence in Egypt from killings, arrests, vandalism and destruction on the streets and squares. Normal life has been suspended, and people have been divided into two obvious groups. Mediators from the United States, Europe, and even Russia have appeared in this atmosphere and began to form contacts with Egypt, it is not farfetched that even China may intervene! Similarly some local mediators have intervened, partisan and non-partisan from stakeholders on the inside to attempt mediation and reform ...but without reaching a result. It attracted our attention that Hizb ut Tahrir, which is trusted and respected by everybody who knows it, did not intervene, neither for mediation nor for reform or reconciliation. Surely the Messenger's صلى الله عليه وسلم saying is not unknown to them:

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On Friday 24 June 2012, the Egyptian presidential election committee announced the victory of the candidate Mohamed Morsi over Ahmed Shafik. The committee announced that, "Mohammad Morsi is the new President of the Arab Republic of Egypt." The first principle statement made by the new president is his call for the democratic civil state and he declared that Egypt agrees to abide with its international agreements, and under its cover, of course, is the abiding by the Camp David agreement, a treacherous agreement that recognizes the Jewish occupation of the land of الإسراء والمعراج (Isra'a and Miraaj), the blessed land of Palestine.

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The 'Drafting of the Constitution' by 50% within parliament and 50% outside it, is a deception for the people of Egypt by the Military Council and political suicide for the 'Parliamentary Islamists'

A joint meeting of the Peoples' Assembly and the Shura Council (in Egypt) voted that the constitution drafting committee would be composed of 50% parliamentarians and 50% of people outside parliament, made up of public figures, organizations and institutions.

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Hizb ut-Tahrir: 'We request that the army establishes the Khilafah in Egypt'

Dialogue conducted by: Mustafaa Zahraan

IslamOnline – Cairo

A few days ago Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilaayah Egypt issued a statement condemning the relationship between the Egyptian military establishment and the United States of America describing it as a relationship of following and subservience and it accused Washington of interfering in the internal and external affairs of Egypt. The statement also indicated that the fallen regime of Mubarak is still in effect ruling Egypt.

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